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Darwin Week


Each year the College of Charleston and its sponsors celebrate the life of Charles Darwin and his contribution to science by hosting a thought provoking, week-long series of guest speakers whose research directly relates to Darwin's popular theories.


Download the schedule (.pdf) to share with students, colleagues and friends!

Monday, Feb. 5

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Water under X-ray Vision - A New Look at Life's Mysterious Elixir
Uwe Bergmann, Stanford PULSE Institute, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

Tuesday, Feb. 6

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Movie Night!
Presented by the CofC Biology Club

Wednesday, Feb. 7

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

How Did Life Begin?
Jon Perry,

Thursday, Feb. 8

4:00pm, RSS 235
6:30pm, Grimsley Hall, Room 117, The Citadel

Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture
Climate, Land-Use Change and Wetlands
Beth Middleton, USGS Wetland and Aquatic Research Center

Friday, Feb. 9

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Good Thing, Bad Thing: Rapid Evolution of Native Salt Marshes and an Invasive Seaweed in South Carolina
Erik Sotka, College of Charleston

Monday, Feb. 12

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

SSM Evolution Symposium

Aerodynamic efficiency in the European honey bee
Jason Vance

Egg size and the evolution of larval form in Great Barrier Reef brittlestars
Bob Podolsky

Artificial life with gene regulatory networks
Garrett Mitchener

Invasion of horny toads: the biology of introduced populations of Texas horned lizards in South Carolina
Eric McElroy

Biomimicry: 3.8 billion years of sustainable solutions
Deb Bidwell

5:30pm, SSMB Atrium

Darwin's Birthday Bash