Darwin Week

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Illustration by Seth Moreau

Each year the College of Charleston and its sponsors celebrate the life of Charles Darwin and his contribution to science by hosting a thought provoking, week-long series of guest speakers whose research directly relates to Darwin's popular theories.


Download the schedule to share with students, colleagues and friends:
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Monday, Feb. 10

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Evolution of breastfeeding and lactation. Lecture title TBA
Katie Hinde, Arizona State University

Tuesday, Feb. 11

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Algorithms in nature. Lecture title TBA
Saket Navlakha, Salk Institute and Cold Spring Harbor Laboratories

Wednesday, Feb. 12

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium
TBA, The Citadel

Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture

Thursday, Feb. 13

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Breeding Food Security in an era of rapid climate change
Wes Jackson, The Land Institute

Friday, Feb. 14

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Evolution of mating displays in dinosaurs. Lecture title TBA
Scott Persons, College of Charleston