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Darwin Week


Illustration by David Revoy

Each year the College of Charleston and its sponsors celebrate the life of Charles Darwin and his contribution to science by hosting a thought provoking, week-long series of guest speakers whose research directly relates to Darwin's popular theories.


Download the schedule to share with students, colleagues and friends:
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Monday, Feb. 11

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

The motors and brakes of evolution
Martha Muñoz, Virginia Tech

Tuesday, Feb. 12

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium
6:30pm, Grimsley 117, The Citadel

Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecture: Archaeology of Cultural Hybridity in the Maya Lowland
Patricia McAnany, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Organic Astrochemistry 101: Meteorites and the Origin of Life on Earth
José Aponte, NASA Goddard Flight Center

Wednesday, Feb. 13

5:00-7:00pm, ECTR 107

Your Fantastic Fossil Family Tree
Exhibit presented by the CofC Anthropology Club

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Journey to the Ocean Deep: Investigating the Deep Sea with the Human Operated Vehicle Alvin
Heather Fullerton, College of Charleston

Thursday, Feb. 14

4:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Whales as a poster child for macroevolution: feet to flippers, teeth to baleen, and echolocation as informed by the fossil record of South Carolina
Bobby Boessenecker, College of Charleston, University of California, Berkeley

6:00-7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

Documentary Night! Africa Droughts and Floods: The Tipping Points
Q&A Afterwards with Dr. Adem Ali, CofC Geology
Presented by Sigma Gamma Epsilon

Friday, Feb. 15

7:00pm, SSMB Auditorium

The Evolution of Human Cerebral Cortex
David Van Essen, Washington University, St. Louis