School of Sciences and Mathematics

Since its founding the College of Charleston has been known for its commitment to the study of and pursuit of new knowledge in the sciences and mathematics. The School of Sciences and Mathematics is proud to carry this tradition into the 21st century with its six award winning departments Biology, Chemistry & Biochemistry, Computer Science, Geology & Environmental Geosciences, Mathematics, and Physics & Astronomy. The School also offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems Engineering and Electrical Engineering with a focus on autonomous electrical vechicles in order to directly support the many high-tech manufacturing companies in the area, including Boeing, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz Vans, Volvo, and others. 

Besides traditional majors and minors in those departments, students can study meteorology, computing in the arts, archaeology, marine biology, and neuroscience. From the molecular basis of life to supernovae, we offer opportunities for participating in cutting edge research. We are one of the top feeders of students to the Medical University of South Carolina, the top producer of physics graduates in the state of South Carolina, the first in the country to offer a data science undergraduate degree, and our graduates enroll in top professional and graduate programs around the country or secure lucrative careers with many of our industry partners in the region or nationally.

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School News

Stono Preserve Gives Students a Chance to Commune with Nature
Posted on 15 November 2021 | 8:31 am
a student inspects a tree shelter at stono preserveThe College of Charleston at Stono Preserve offers students the chance to explore a natural Lowcountry environment and get hands-on experience in conservation.
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CofC Fully Charged with New Electrical Engineering Major
Posted on 18 October 2021 | 9:07 am
kebin xu teaches an electrical engineering classWith a curriculum focused on electrical autonomous vehicle design, CofC's new electrical engineering major is built to encourage creativity in its students, who will be ready to develop the next generation of cars.
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Volcano Expert Answers Questions About Dual Eruptions
Posted on 12 October 2021 | 8:28 am
Kilauea volcano eruptingWith one volcano erupting in the Atlantic and another in the Pacific, Associate Professor of Geology Cassandra Runyon clears the smoke about all this volcanic activity and shares insight into the fiery spectacle.
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