Development of Operational Community Health Observing System for the Gulf of Mexico States

This project, led by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative (GOMRI), enlists the expertise of top scholars from a wide variety of disciplines, past and present research, and health information collection efforts to develop a Community Health Observing System(s) for disaster preparedness in the Gulf of Mexico states. The proposed system would take into account both physiological and psychosocial impacts, acute and long-term, of disaster events on human health.


Disaster-Pressure-State-Ecosystem Services-Response-Health Model

A conceptual model outlining the ways in which degraded ecosystem services caused by disasters such as oil spills or hurricanes affect cumulative stress on individuals and communities. The model further expounds upon acute, chronic, and cumulative stress in humans in response to impaired ecosystem services, and the potential negative physiological and psychosocial health outcomes that may result.