Darwin Week

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Each year the College of Charleston and its sponsors celebrate the life of Charles Darwin and his contribution to science by hosting a thought provoking, week-long series of guest speakers whose research directly relates to Darwin's popular theories.


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Darwin Week 2021 is a wrap! Thank you to all who attended our lectures this year. If you missed a lecture, or wish to share with a friend who couldn't attend, please visit the Zoom links below to access a recording of each lecture!


Monday, Feb. 8


Molecular Adaptation to Environmental Stress: Intrinsic versus Extrinsic Solutions
George Somero, Stanford University

Zoom Recording - Somero  Passcode:1C7EE%2L


Tuesday, Feb. 9


Chewing it Over: Why What and How We Eat Has Shaped Primate and Human Evolution
Claire Terhune, University of Arkansas

Zoom Recording - Terhune  Passcode: uX*KN31J


Wednesday, Feb. 10


Mathematics of Evolution: Mutations, Selection, and Random Environments
Natalia Komarova, University of California, Irvine

Zoom Recording - Komarova  Passcode: U@MC4g$J


Thursday, Feb. 11


Sigma Xi Distinguished Lecturer
The Satellite Record of the Pale Blue Dot: The Late 1970s to Now
Compton Tucker, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

Zoom Recording - Tucker  Passcode: B9%0R6eV

Lecture Slides - Tucker (50 mb)


Friday, Feb. 12


Presented in Partnership with CofC's Center for Sustainable Development 
Coloring the Conservation Conversation
J. Drew Lanham, Clemson University

Zoom Recording - Lanham  Passcode: %SPRp63Y


Mace Brown Natural History Museum

Virtual museum tours on YouTube

Welcome to the Mace Brown Museum of Natural History
New videos to be released on Darwin Day, Friday Feb. 12! Preview: Americas United!