Dr. J. Fred Watts Scholarship

WattsDr. J. Fred Watts, who joined the College of Charleston in 1970, was considered a founder of the modern physics and astronomy department.  He was a great source of inspiration and a wonderful mentor to many students and faculty in the department. Sadly, he passed away on Monday, September 14, 2015.

He was a gentle, self-deprecating, honest man who could not resist the temptation to share interesting jokes with those around him. He was a reservoir of historical knowledge concerning the department, the College, and the city of Charleston. Dr. Watts brought tremendous humanity and humility to the teaching of physics.

During his time at the College he was the recipient of the Mebane Distinguished Teaching Chair in Chemistry and Physics. He was the founder of the Low Country Physics Alliance, and was also directly responsible for the College’s participation in NASA’s JOVE project. Dr. Watts ensured the success of the Woodrow Wilson program of workshops for pre-college teachers at the College and twice he served as the Chair of the department.

As you reflect on your education at the College, we ask you to join us in considering a gift to the J. Fred Watts Scholarship, which directly supports the advancement of physics students who are pursuing teaching certificates in physics or astronomy.  Together, our gifts to the scholarship will help instill future generations of physics and astronomy majors with the same values that Dr. Watts, along with our other faculty, instilled in us.

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